Fascination or Addiction.

I’m fascinated by this product that gets produced. These advertisements. That end up having so much power. These advertisements, which are the reason so many people believe what they believe about these brands, which, they so hardly follow yet, support so passionately. Not just ads, I’m fascinated by the logos that mean so much and the colors and sounds that subconsciously revive a feeling in someone to make them want to buy, in-store. The feelings and personalities which, brands use to get all their revenues.

I am addicted by the feeling that comes over me when I understand how something came together and why. The intentions behind some things and to criticize others. To feel like I know enough about something to know when that something is a good or bad version of itself. I’m addicted to the forces that come with this advertising business. The power that it has to create needs in people.

Creating needs… Isn’t that something? You’d think that a need is something we have no choice but to need. A requirement. Something that gives you an ultimatum. If you don’t do x then y consequence is activated. Ads create those illusions in people’s minds. It’s like having the key to the demand curve on an economic chart; actually, that’s precisely what it is.

How isn’t that power addicting? How can people not take interest in this? Thankfully, the general public is oblivious to marketing and its effects on human behaviors. Otherwise all of the world would be trying to get the job I so eagerly seek.

Whether it’s an addiction or fascination, I’ll never know. Unless I hunt down the definitions of each…
(10 minutes later): I just found that an addiction is a dependency on something, a fascination is simply an extreme interest in it.

I truly cannot see myself living or doing anything other than this. This job fills my soul with happy. To understand what creates power that drives so many people to the same place, building, and store is definitely not simply an interest to me. So that settles it.

Save yourself the AA invitation. I don’t want it.


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