#Error – Logic Not Found

Words help me express. Sometimes, it gets me in trouble. Some people don’t see the point in expression, at least not accurate expression. But, I do; i think it helps others properly fulfill their needs. Whatever those may be, ie; a friendship, a relationship, a reaction or agreement, or just a simple Hi!

I sometimes find myself reflecting on some past words I’ve recorded on paper or computer & find myself appalled. The craftiness and sharpness in the words that perfectly capture the picture I pictured & wanted to paint that very moment. Its bone chilling the rush I get to read those words and feel those feelings again, even if slight. And, just as enjoyable as I find my own ability to craft these words and paint with them, I am about reading, hearing and enjoying others’ words. At times it’ll be a poem that’ll catch my attention, other times it could be words in a song by romeo or a poem. Sometimes it may even be a tweet lol.

Point is, this is something i can appreciate and figure: it’s a good trait to have. I figure, it’ll be useful in the world i plan to enter. Not that it hasn’t been useful to me in the world I live in now (as if, sounds like I’m jumping planets lol). Having the ability to measure my surroundings effectively and knowing what messages I want to send and how have saved me from confusing people many times. And where I’m from, sometimes that could be the difference between life and death. Or more likely, it can be the difference in making great friends and connections with people that will assist you in building your life. Words do that — well, at least they begin that. I call it, Effective communication lol.

That’s very specific, but every word has its meaning.

.. Isn’t that something … the fact that I assume that, that is something that has to be pointed out? As if there has ever, in the life of language, existed a word which didn’t carry a designed meaning lol. I wish to one day be wise enough to be a crafter of these words myself.

.. Until then, I’m going to sleep.



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