Could you convince a fish to buy water?

How would you sell water to a fish?

I was faced with this question as a part of a writing test. The following was my answer:

Something so essential and grandiose as water. It would almost seem easy to sell, except there’s so much of it — at least, from a fish’s perspective. Selling something that has no demand could prove challenging. Without becoming cruel and forcing the fish to pay you for it’s livelihood, there has to be a way. I ask myself, “If I were a fish, why would I buy water?”

“There are oceans full of water, and even if I can’t have that, it literally falls from the sky.”

I felt stumped, but then I thought to reframe the question to a more familiar perspective.
“Water to a fish, has the equivalence that air does to a human… Why would I ever buy air? It doesn’t make sense to buy something that is literally around me.

But, what if it weren’t around me? What environments could I find myself in, that would inhibit the existence of air? Underwater!”


Then it hit me. The same way that human divers buy air, which is suppressed, to explore the depths of the ocean, a fish could buy water, presumably suppressed, with the purpose of roaming the lands above water. 

In closing, This is how I would sell water to a fish: by packaging it, so that fishes could buy a wearable product that would allow them to explore the, never before seen, earth above sea level.



One thought on “Could you convince a fish to buy water?

  1. love your solution. Not harmful to the fish at all. I think it would open the market for all sorts of products that’ll support the fishes exploring on land would need. Soon it’ll be a man made reality, to need to sell air. Hmmm?


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